BEOPS develops expertise in, research and development on the biology and ecology of living organisms and wildlife populations. The issues relating to birds and mammals constitute the bulk of our field of activity.



Expertise in and scientific studies on wildlife require zoological knowledge and much more. The management of and coexistence with wildlife depends, among other things, on the consideration of theoretical concepts of ecology and specific study methods (bibliography, statistics, etc.). The effective valorization of research results also requires specialized know-how. Through years of experience in collaboration with academic, institutional, associative and private sector actors, BEOPS is at your disposal to answer any questions.


Connecting people

Some complex issues require multi-disciplinary, team-based work to combine the complementary skills and efforts of people who are often affiliated with different organizations. With this in mind, BEOPS can also assume the role of connector and coordinator in partnership projects. When obtaining complex answers to complex questions is a priority, we can help you build a tailored work environment that meets diverse needs.