E, R & D Projects

E as in ‘Expertise’, for reactive approaches.

Do you have questions about scientific or technical documents or wildlife management?

National and international reference documents (red lists, etc.), conflicts on the management of species and cohabitation with wildlife in urban areas are examples that can be better managed with specialized technical and scientific assistance.

BEOPS can appraise documents and assist you with your questions.


R as in "Research", for more complex topics, for preventive or prospective approaches.

Do you have recurring questions or need help on complex issues of ecology or wildlife management?

Controversies over wildlife management are often the result of gaps in scientific information. Research is required to overcome these difficulties.

BEOPS can carry out advanced synthesis or research studies and publish the results according to international scientific standards.


D as in "Development", to build and reinforce virtuous dynamics.

Do you want to apply the latest scientific knowledge related to your management practices?

Actions carried out on wildlife, particularly ecological reinforcement or restoration projects, can be consolidated through specialized technical and scientific assessment.

BEOPS can help you to identify the scientific recommendations related to your needs and assist you in their application to your project.